Terms Of Use

1. Representation and Warranty Regarding Listing Agreements

The Seller hereby represents and warrants that the Seller is not a party to any other listing agreement for the property or in any agreement to pay commission to any other Real Estate Brokerage for the sale of the property.

2. Payment to KeysPlz Realty Ltd

In consideration of the Listing Brokerage listing the property, the Seller agrees to pay KeysPlz Realty Ltd as set out in the contract which is to be determined by the Service level selected by the Seller. The Seller also understands and agrees that when listing a property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), they are required to offer a commission compensation to the Co-operating Brokerage or Buyers Agent prior to the listing being processed. All amounts set out to be paid are subject to applicable taxes.

3. Representation of Authority to Sell the Property

The Seller, or Individual submitting this online form represents and warrants that they have exclusive authority and power to execute this Authority to offer the property for sale and that the Seller will inform KeysPlz Realty of any third party interests or claims on the property such as rights of first refusal, options, easements, mortgages, encumbrances, or otherwise concerning the property, which may affect the sale of the property.

4. Responsibility for Property and Accuracy of Information

The Seller or Individual will not hold the Listing Brokerage or any of its representatives responsible for any loss or damage to the property or contents during the term of the listing. Furthermore, the Individual submitting this online form represents and warrants that all information is true and accurate and will agree to indemnify and save harmless the Listing Brokerage and its representatives and employees from any liability, claim, loss, cost, damage or injury caused by any representation made by the seller.

5. Authorization to Obtain Information

All information provided is to be true and accurate and not misleading to the Listing Brokerage. The Seller hereby authorizes the Listing Brokerage to obtain any information from any regulatory body, authority, government, mortgage, or others and the Seller agrees to execute and deliver authorizations if required. The Seller hereby authorizes, instructs, and directs the above-noted regulatory authorities, bodies, governments, mortgagees, or others to release any and all information to the Listing Brokerage.

6. Commission rates are not fixed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario

Any government authority, real estate board, or association may vary between different Real Estate Brokerages and Offices. 

7. The listing does not become binding upon submission and/or receipt of this online submission

The Listing will only become binding to all parties upon the review, agreement, and signing of the subsequent Listing Documents which will be prepared and sent by one of our Representatives.